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Northcroft, Neighbour & Nicholson was founded by Henry Northcroft in 1840. We were the quantity surveyors for the construction of the Royal Navy’s dockyards around the world during the late 1890s and 1900s.

Today, Northcroft is an international, independent consultancy firm with over 180 years of experience in the construction industry. We are responsible for delivering construction projects in over 40 countries throughout Asia Pacific and around the world, with values ranging from AUD 300 thousand to AUD 9 Billion.

With a worldwide network of offices, we offer clients investing in construction, property and infrastructure the local knowledge, expertise and experience they need to get the solution and the outcome they require.

All our services are geared towards reducing risks, ensuring greater certainty and providing the best value for our clients.

Our people always take time to understand our clients’ objectives and visions. We share our expertise and knowledge with the aim of generating fresh ideas in our clients’ best interests.

By blending our people, our proven methodologies, our market knowledge and our mission to always look for the best solutions, we ensure outcomes meet clients’ requirements.

As an independent construction consultancy with a culture of encouraging critical thinking and taking ownership of clients’ objectives, we deliver superior services and solutions to our clients. We believe that this is why the majority of our clients are long-term partners.

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